Successful Home Based Businesses

5 Successful Home Based Businesses To Start Today

With the internet such an important part of society today and full of  home business opportunities, starting a small business from home can be done in no time. In this post I will share with you 5 successful home based businesses that you can start today and generate income right from your humble abode.


A very good business from home you can start, probably something that may not of crossed your mind or you may not of thought of doing, is acting as a consultant and giving advice on a particular topic. This can pay really well, as you can set a rate you want to charge per client. You can start consultancy today at almost no cost. All you need is a smart phone, computer, headset (with mic), microphone and a webcam. These maybe things that you already have, if so, then you already have the foundations for a consultancy business.

Your consultancy home business can be based on anything you feel you have good knowledge in, for example you can do consultancy on marketing, brand development, technology or even relationship consulting. Consultancy is a great small business opportunity and has the potential to be one of the most lucrative businesses that you can start from home.


Creative Service Business

One of the most successful home based businesses you can start at home can include jobs like graphic design and photography. All you will need to do is invest in the necessary equipment and skills needed to perform them to a good standard, in addition to making sure you market yourself well online through things like social media and guest blogging for example.

Done correctly, and you will soon become a small business owner of your new”stay at home” photography or graphic design business.


Tech Support Business

Even though this can be done from home, this is very much different from consultancy as this requires quite a high level of expertise, a deeper involvement and a high attention detail. With a tech support business at home you can be doing very specific jobs like programming, technical support and customer service or  even help desk service.

Nevertheless, there are many companies out there that employ people to do this from home and also outsource this to other small businesses to do. For example you will be able to provide a service for things like user testing and bug testing and as a technical support person you can create a very lucrative business from home especially if you are a stay at home mum or dad, this will allow you to be very successful under those particular circumstances.


Copywriting and Online Writing

If you have a creative flair for writing then one of the best business ideas to implement from home is copywriting or online writing. Places such as Upwork provide great platforms for building a lucrative writing career. This is definitely a small business worth pursuing especially if you’re into writing.  You can create content for magazines, online publications, do copywriting and advertising for other companies working remotely from your home.

You can also get anything from $100 to $150 an article or you may have a rate that is based on the amount of words written, however, this small business home opportunity doesn’t have to be limited to writing you could do this for proofreading and editorial work.

Furthermore, you can literally create a really successful business around content development for individuals, small companies, brands and ad agencies and above all,  it doesn’t need much investment to start. All you need is a smartphone and a computer primarily, however, you may want to use other free online services to help you run your small business such as Dropbox which will help you with storing, organising and securing your personal files.



Successful Home Based Businesses

The last of these home based businesses that you can do is e-commerce. You can create an e-commerce business from home through affiliate marketing (selling other peoples products) online with companies such as Amazon or selling used goods on ebay. You can also set up a DIY based business where you can sell DIY products through sites like Etsy that will allow you to reach millions of buyers around the world. So whether your selling other peoples products or your own, these are great ways to earn income from home and does not need much for you to get started with.

If you are looking to pursue affiliate marketing then the most you will really need to get started is a website, a social media outlet and a blog which are things that really do not cost that much and in some cases are absolutely free to set up and therefore these are very good businesses to start as investment is very minimal, leaving room for very high potential profit margins.

Overall, any of these successful home based businesses are straightforward and fairly simple to start. They are ideal for anyone who suffers from social anxiety or does not like to commute or simply does not like their 9-5 grind. It provides a good alternative income for stay at home moms and dads who through these types of jobs can create their own profitable small businesses.

– Steve Wright